How to Save Money on Your Gym Membership!

You probably think that I am about to give you a coupon code to receive a discount for your gym membership; wrong! Instead, I will give you a helpful piece of information that I became aware of and which helped me cut my monthly dues in half!

I recently started looking for a new gym to call home and train.  I found this new gym a couple of miles from my house; looking at their website, I was able to see I could print a trial pass, which I highly recommend before signing any gym contract.  I tried out this particular gym for an entire week and loved it; amenities are great, it’s clean, staff is super friendly and answer your questions promptly or direct you to the appropriate source.  However, when it became time to join this gym, I became a bit hesitant.  Just like most gyms, this one required you pay an enrollment fee of $50 dollars and my first monthly installment of $50 dollars, not including taxes.  This membership did not offer any other incentives, such as having a guest anytime or special classes (yoga, zumba, etc).

Reading articles on-line about gym memberships and discounts offered, I read this gym offered military, police, teachers and firemen discounts, none which I qualify for.  Randomly during lunch, I wondered if some how through my insurance I could get a discount; this came about from me reading about a life insurance that offers special discounts for marathon runners.  So, I picked up the phone and called my insurance provider.  Nailed it! Through my insurance carrier, I can sign up for a fitness program (free of charge), print out a card and take it to a participating gym/fitness center (over 9,000 locations were available to chose from) and get a membership for only $25 dollars a month and no contract.  My insurance did require that I make a commitment to them of going for a minimum of 3-months and then pay the gym fees on a month-to-month basis. In order to enjoy this benefit, you have to be the insurer or your spouse/children have to be insured through you (shall they want a gym membership as well).  This is not open to the public and you will have to log in to your insurance’s website and enter your information to confirm your identity.  WOW! What a deal though. I was super happy about this and now I have a new gym to call HOME!

In case you are wondering, my insurance carrier is Cigna, however, I am almost positive most insurance carriers offer some type of program for gyms/fitness centers.  All you have to do is take 10 minutes of your time and give them a call.  They will explain to you any perks available.

I hope this information was helpful to you.