A little about MJ!


MJ-BelgiumThe Girl Next Door 


Runner. Daughter. Sister. Aunty. Friend.

I started running in 2007 alongside my brother, of course back then I would dread the thought of even running once in a blue moon.  I ran on and off for many years, the only race I would ever partake in is the Army-Ten Miler, held in Arlington, Virginia, in October of every year. 

My true journey started in February 2015.  I had a life changing moment. Losing weight and getting fit became my personal challenge and I haven’t stopped since then.  I discovered the magic of being friends with other people who share the love for running and are passionate about living a healthy life-style; whether they are running, walking, practicing yoga, Zumba, swimming or riding bicycles.  And you might think that these friends I’ve made are all in my state, but you be wrong! I have made friends all over the U.S. and outside as well through this marvelous app called Instagram.  The running community I’ve surrounded myself with is the most supportive, positive and the friendliest people you will ever meet.  I have met some of them in person and they are just as amazing as on the app.

My personal life not only revolves around running and exercise.  I am in Project Management by day (since 2006); I am a Job-Interview coach; I am a fur baby mom to my 2 wonderful Shih-Tzu doggies and formerly 1 Toy-Maltese (now in doggy-heaven).  I have a wonderful older sister and younger brother, 2 nephews and 2 nieces (1 is on the way), and I am a proud Mexican-American! Besides running, I have also discovered my love for cooking and meal prepping every week.  I like to visit different restaurants and have learned to love Indian cuisine.  I have most recently set a goal to travel the globe and experience different cultures as well as get at least 1-run during my travels in the different places I visit. I enjoy reading a good book here and there, drinking a glass or 3 of champagne, I like quiet days, trips to the spa, writing in my journal, walks around my neighborhood, and shopping on Amazon! Oh and I am a HUGE Frida Kahlo Fan.

I am just the girl next door! 



Runner. Traveler. Fitness Enthusiast. Optimist.